Healthy Cinnamon Raisin Bread (GF/Vegan)

Cinnamon Raisin Bread 3
My favourite bread growing up was the Sunmaid raisin bread- you know, the one in the red bag? The smell of it in the toaster then slathered with butter was the only thing that could get me out of bed in the morning. Being celiac, I can no longer have that crazy good bread, but luckily I’ve created one that’s even better. This bread requires 1 bowl, 5 minutes prep time, and is incredibly nutritious. Most of all, it’s delicious.

Cinnamon Raisin Bread 2


• 2 cups nut flour (you can buy store bought, or make your own by pulsing nuts in food processor… I like almond flour)
• 1 cup gluten free rolled oats
• 1/2 cup hemp hearts
• 1/4 cup chia or flax seeds
• 1/4 cup sesame seeds
• 5 tbsp psyllium husk
• pinch of pink salt
• 2 tbsp honey or brown rice syrup
• 2 1/2 tbsp cinnamon, divided
• 1/4 cup raisins
• 2 cups cold water
• 4 tbsp coconut sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line an 8-inch loaf pan* with parchment paper. In a small bowl, mix 2 tbsp of cinnamon and coconut sugar. Set aside.

2. In a large bowl add nut flour, rolled oats, hemp hearts, chia seeds, sesame seeds, psyllium husk, salt, honey, raisins and 1/2 tbsp of cinnamon. Whisk until combined.

3. Add 2 cups of cold filtered water and mix until combined. Allow to sit for a few minutes until a firm dough forms. You may need to add a few extra tbsp of water if it is too dry.

4. Press half of the mixture evenly into loaf pan. Sprinkle cinnamon and coconut sugar mixture evenly. You can even add a few raisins if you like! Then, top with remaining dough.

5. Bake for 65-75 minutes or until the top is golden and crisp. Allow to cool completely before slicing. Store in an airtight container for about a week or freeze.

*If you only have a larger loaf pan, only use a part of it! The dough will not change shape, so the way you form it is the way it will bake.
Cinnamon Raisin Bread 1

Superfood Popcorn

Superfood PopcornThis Clean Eating Goddess is more of a crunchy, salt girl then a dessert one. Chips and french fries are probably my biggest weakness and I literally don’t think I could survive a month without having either. My man refers to me as a chip monster. Yes. MONSTER. Thank god there are some great healthy alternatives out there. I love any chip containing beans, non GMO corn or brown rice as one of the first ingredients. It is also an added bonus if they are baked in olive oil rather than deep fried. It is ok to indulge in these kinds of treats but always remember to keep an eye out on portions. From my experience, NEVER eat from the bag- especially in the car. I have come very close to finishing off an entire bag of chips all by myself. When your driving or doing other activities like watching tv or working on the computer you seem to lose control and become less mindful about what you are actually eating. On the other hand, I know its hard to just have 12 chips. 12 chips are a tease. Many people turn to popcorn because of its large portion for little calories and fat. I don’t count calories, but I know that having an entire bag of chips isn’t the best for my waistline, or my health.

I know that most of us go for that reduced fat microwave popcorn thinking we are doing ourselves good. But when something tastes like butter without butter being in it at all, logic tell us the product has its share of chemicals. So whats the solution, you ask? The old fashioned way- right on the stove top. I have to say, I was quite impressed with just how easy this was to make. I will never go back to microwave popcorn again. The best part is you have complete control of the taste and ingredients that go into your healthy snack. I added lots of superfoods into mine to make it salty, crunchy and also good for you. In this batch, I cooked the corn in anti viral coconut oil and coated the kernels in anti inflammatory turmeric, omega 3 rich chia seeds and vitamin rich maple syrup!
Superfood PopcornSuperfood PopcornSuperfood PopcornSuperfood PopcornSuperfood PopcornSuperfood Popcorn


• 1 cup corn
• 4 tbsp coconut oil
• good pinch of pink himalayan salt (regular salt is fine)
• 1/2 tbsp turmeric
• 1 tbsp chia seeds
• 1/4 tbsp garlic powder
• 1/4 tbsp chilli flakes
• 2 tbsp maple syrup
• 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
• 1 tsp sumac
• pinch of pepper
• Add ins (optional): dried cherries, 70% dark chocolate, unsweetened coconut flakes, any nut etc…


1.Add corn and coconut oil to a large stock pot. Turn on the heat to medium high. Add a good pinch of salt. Wait for the oil to simmer. When the first kernel pops, cover and allow to continue until the popping slows down. Once it begins to slow down. Remove from heat and pour popcorn unto a large baking sheet.

2.In a your food processor add a small pinch of a salt and pepper, turmeric, chia, garlic powder, chilli flakes, nutritional yeast and sumac. Pulse until a powder forms.

3.In a small sauce pan over medium heat, bring your maple syrup to a simmer. Add your spice mixture and stir for 2 minutes to allow the spices to release their flavour.

4.Pour the spiced syrup over your popcorn and toss until evenly distributed. Be careful with your hands here- hot turmeric can stain your hands! (if your hands to get stained, scrub with hot soapy water)

5.Store in an airtight container. I added dark chocolate, dried cherries and coconut for a sweet and salty mix! Feel free to add nuts, dried fruit and other superfoods!Superfood Popcorn