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Little did I know that throwing up that dairy filled formula on the day I was born would only be the start of my digestive upsets. I attributed my early years of stomachaches to my lactose intolerance but by the age of 10 I realized there was something more going on. After multiple tests and visits to doctors I was still left with no concrete solutions or remedies for my restless nights of agonizing pain. My mother just kept telling me to eat all the foods that helped her upset stomach: toast, baguette, rolls, pasta and saltines.

Five years later, my mother was facing some of her own health issues. Years of severe anemia and failed iron transfusions left her feeling defeated, weak and exhausted. Her doctor’s next solution was to perform a hysterectomy to stop menstruation. With only a few days until her surgery, her doctor asked, “What if this doesn’t work?” With no concrete response her doctor cancelled her surgery and decided to have a series of tests conducted; one of which was for celiac disease. After a positive diagnosis, an endoscopy/colonoscopy showed that her small intestine was completely damaged. Some other effects she experienced throughout her life due to an undiagnosed celiac disease include bloating, stomachaches, miscarriages and arthritis. So her tummy ache solution of toast, baguette, rolls etc.. was actually the culprit of all her distress.

Allergy to gluten? Huh? This was completely foreign to me. As a food enthusiast and avid cook/baker, I couldn’t understand how food could make my mother so sick. I began reading all the books and quickly began using brown rice flour and tamari in my cooking. A few years later, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and my family and I could not help but think that celiac disease played a great role in this. So began my culinary and educational journey to bring wellness to those closest to me.

Still struggling with my own digestive issues such as bloating (yes I can look 7-9 months pregnant), constipation and excruciating pain, I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy performed with a diagnosis of IBS. Yes it is irritable B;S. A syndrome created for symptoms doctors cannot cure or explain. About six months ago, I began experiencing severe acid reflux which forced me to give up the best things in life (coffee and wine). Currently, I eat both gluten and dairy free. I do my best to eat nothing refined or genetically modified. I regularly add nuts, seeds and various superfoods to contribute to my overall wellness. My food philosophy has always been about eating real food and using the best quality ingredients.

Food has always been one of the most important components in my life socially, mentally and physically. With that said, I have never, and will never compromise on flavour for health. My recipes are simple and the flavour of the ingredients are always the shining star of each dish. Treat yourself to quality oils, fresh produce and flours and you will see how the food speaks for itself. Always try to make your way to local markets and be in tune with what’s in season.Be conscious of how many packaged products you use in a week. For example, instead of buying that pasta sauce in a jar try making it yourself. Your taste buds and body will thank you.

Although my recipes cater to various diets such as Atkins, gluten free and Paleo, losing weight has never been my goal in this journey. Although weight loss is common, clean eating is about fuelling your body to function at its maximum potential. Diets that say a banana makes you fat, or bacon in abundance is great for you, just never made sense to me. To each their own!

With a passion for clean eating, fitness, and a well-balanced lifestyle I am on the path to figure out what agrees with my mind and body. With a Bachelor’s in Education from McGill University, and a future in holistic nutrition, I hope to teach my readers how easy and delicious it is to eat healthy. Whether you embrace this as a lifestyle or simply want to add more wholesome meals to your diet, I am excited to be a part of your journey. Get ready to feel and look like a goddess!

Bon appétit,